Climate Change: UNSC Debate Highlights Its Links To Fostering Terrorism, India Disagrees

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Climate Change: UNSC Debate Highlights Its Links To Fostering Terrorism, India Disagrees

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said yesterday during a United Nations Security Council debate on the theme ‘Security, in the Context of Terrorism and Climate Change’. He urged all 15 member countries of the Council to address issues in an “integrated” manner and thereby create a “virtuous a circle of peace, resilience and sustainable development”.

Guterres said: “Climate change is not the source of all ills, but it has a multiplier effect and is an aggravating factor for instability, conflict and terrorism”

Gueterres cited the example of Syria and Iraq where Daesh (ISIS) has captured water resources to control populations, or in Somalia where Al-Shaab controls charcoal reserves. Similarly, Boko Haram exerts its influence in Lake Chad by exploiting the need for economic opportunity and resources.

Under the ‘New Agenda for Peace’ presented in the report ‘Our Common Agenda’ this year by the international body, the secretary-general outlined five points of action. He said that “conflicts and terrorism do not take place in a vacuum” and urged member states of the Council to address underlying causes and factors. He also called for “sustained investment” in initiatives and systems to adapt and mitigate climate change effects.

India’s Response

India was reserved in its response to the linkage between climate change and terrorism. "Over-simplification of causes of conflict will not help in resolving them nor can it justify terrorists acts or extreme policy measures" said Permanent representative to the UN TS Trimurti. He further sid that isolating climate change as the sole factor promoting terrorism is a “myopic” view.

In context of COP 26, Trimurti said that the announcements made by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, shows that India is following “climate positive development”. His sudden announcement of Net Zero Commitment during the summit had caught any by surprise and now the Opposition s demanding to know the “rationale” behind it.  

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