COVID-19: 2.64 Lakh Cases In 24 hrs, 315 Deaths, Positivity Rate 14%

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COVID-19: 2.64 Lakh Cases In 24 hrs, 315 Deaths, Positivity Rate 14%

Coronavirus cases continue to rise throughout the country, with 2.64 lakh cases recorded in 24 hours, representing a jump of 6.7% and 315 deaths bring recorded. Cases of the new Omicron variant are now 5,753, a 4.83% increase since yesterday. The daily positivity rate is 14.78% and the weekly rate is 11.83%. Over 155.39 crore doses of vaccines have been administered so far.

The total active cases in the country are 12,72,073, and the recovery rate is 95.20%. 1,09,345 people have recovered in the past 24 hours, and the total number of recoveries is 3,48,24,706. 17,87,457 people were tested in the past 24 hours.

WHO Approves Two New COVID Treatments

As the number of cases of the Omicron variant of coronavirus grow around the world, the World Health Organization has recommended two drugs to ameliorate the effects of severe coronavirus infection. The WHO has predicted that half of Europe will be infected with the virus by March.

In its recommendation to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), experts from the WHO has said that the arthritis drug baricitinib used with corticosteroids for severe and critical COVID-19 patients lead to positive outcomes such as improved survival rates and reduced use of ventilators. Synthetic antibody Sotrovimab is also recommended by the experts for those non-serious patietns at risk of hospitalization, such as senior citizens or those with preexisting conditions. However, its effects against the Omicron variant were deemed "uncertain". 

This becomes the fourth treatment for COVID-19 approved by the WHO, after it endorsed corticosteroids for critical patients in September 2020 and arthritis drugs tocilizumab and sarilumab in July 2021.

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