Rajasthan Cabinet Reshuffle: Main Updates

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Rajasthan Cabinet Reshuffle: Main Updates

Rajasthan got a reshuffled 15-member Cabinet today, with last year’s ‘rebellion’ by Sachin Pilot transforming into a more cohesive front ahead of the state polls in 2023.

Pilot, a strong leader with substantial weight of his own, had taken a stand against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, but he was now quoted by reporters as saying: “there are no factions within the party" and "We all work under the leadership of the Gandhis”.

15 Ministers Take Oath, Congress Focuses On Wide Representation

There were 15 new inductions into the Rajasthan Cabinet¾ 11 cabinet ministers and 4 junior ministers. Three names were dropped from the previous Cabinet: Govind Singh Dotasra, Harish Chaudhary, and Raghu Sharma.


Two leaders, Vishvendra Singh (MLA, Deeg-Kumher) and Ramesh Meena (MLA, Sapotra) made a return to the cabinet after being removed for supporting Sachin Pilot last year. Four Dalit ministers have also been given representation in the Cabinet.

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