Diesel Price Hiked Again After Seven Days, Petrol Remains Unchanged

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Diesel Prices Hiked Again After Seven Days, Petrol

After seven consecutive days of unchanged petrol and diesel prices, oil companies on Tuesday raised the pump price of Diesel by 25 paise in Delhi, while the petrol price remains unchanged. After the hike, petrol in Delhi is being sold for Rs 80.43 and diesel at Rs 80.78. Earlier in June, oil companies increased petrol and diesel prices for 23 consecutive days drawing flak from the Opposition parties.

After the new rates, petrol is priced at -

Mumbai: Rs 87.19 

Chennai: Rs 83.63

Patna: Rs 83.31

Bangalore: Rs 83.04 

Kolkata: Rs 82.10

Noida: Rs 81.08

Lucknow: Rs 80.98

Delhi: Rs 80.43 

As per the new rates, diesel is being sold for — 

Delhi: Rs 80.78 

Mumbai: Rs 79.05

Chennai: Rs 77.91

Patna: Rs 77.61 

Bangalore: Rs 76.79

Kolkata: Rs 75.89 

Noida: Rs 72.80

Lucknow: Rs 72.70

As oil companies continue to raise fuel prices for profit its direct hit is being borne by the general public. There was a difference of Rs 30 between petrol and diesel in 2013 during the previous government, but now diesel has overtaken petrol for the first time.

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