End Of The Road For Mumbai's Black & Yellow Premier Padmini Cabs

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End Of The Road For Mumbai's Black & Yellow Premie
The iconic Kaali-Peeli’ Premier Padmini taxis, the pride of Mumbai, will soon disappear from the city’s roads. By the year 2020, they will be completely phased-out. This decision has been taken after a governmental order.

In the year 2000, the production for this taxi had stopped, after which around 3,000 taxis were operational in Mumbai. But now, their number has reduced to just 50.

In 1964, Fiat Cars came up with a Fiat 1100 version which began operating in Mumbai. In the year 1974, it was renamed as Padmini after Rani Padmini. For the next three decades, it virtually ruled the roads, staying true to its name.

The leader of the Mumbai Taxi Union says that these taxis were very good; maintenance was easy and they could easily navigate traffic. However, new vehicles lack all this. In the year 2013, to combat pollution, the government decided to take off the road all vehicles older than 20 years and that is why these taxis are being phased-out.

By next year, the Premier Padmini will become a part of history.

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