Fuel Prices Soar For The 20th Consecutive Day, Petrol Crosses Rs 80 A Litre In Delhi

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Fuel Prices Soar For The 20th Consecutive Day, Pet

The hike in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country continued for the 20th consecutive day on Friday. In Delhi, one litre of petrol and diesel is now selling at over Rs 80. Oil companies increased 21 paise on petrol and 17 paise on diesel. Over the last 20 days, diesel has become expensive by Rs 10.79 and petrol by Rs 8.87.

After the introduction of new rates, petrol sold for Rs 86.91 in Mumbai, Rs 83.37 in Chennai, Rs 83.19 in Patna, Rs 82.74 in Bengaluru, Rs 81.82 in Kolkata, Rs 80.88 in Noida, Rs 80.75 in Lucknow and Rs 80.13 per litre in Delhi. 

As per the revised rates, diesel was sold for Rs 80.19 in Delhi, Rs 78.51 in Mumbai, Rs 77.44 in Chennai, Rs 77.25 in Patna, Rs 76.25 in Bangalore, Rs 75.34 in Kolkata, Rs 72.32 in Noida and Rs 72.18 in Lucknow. 

Both petrol and diesel prices are breaking records in which petrol touched the Rs 80 mark earlier in September 2018. Diesel, for the first time, has seen such price rise and has overtaken petrol in Delhi. Meanwhile, when global crude oil prices are at a record low, the government is filling its almost empty coffers. But this move has a direct impact on the general public.

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