Bloodbath On Dalal Street As Sensex Tumbles Again

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Bloodbath On Dalal Street As Sensex Tumbles Again
Share markets in countries across the world, including in India, are reeling from the effects of the life-threatening coronavirus. In India, the Sensex and Nifty opened with heavy decline again on Friday.

While the Sensex nosedived 3,000 points, the Nifty also fell 900 points. Trading was suspended for around 45 minutes due to the continuing plunge.

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Investors are spooked due to the unabating fall in the share market. On Thursday evening, the Sensex fell 2,919 points to close at 32,778 and the Nifty was down 868 points to close at 9,590.

The condition of share markets not just in India, but across the world, continues to be poor and there is pandemonium in global share markets, including in India, after the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus a pandemic. 

Dow Jones, the American share market, closed with a record decline for the second consecutive day on Thursday. This is the biggest fall in the Dow Jones after the year 1987.

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