Clash Of Opinions Under Tata Roof Over Doing Business In India

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Clash Of Opinions Under Tata Roof Over Doing Busin
On January 15, Tata group Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata effusively lauded Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for their “vision for India”. A day later, Tata Sons Chairperson N Chandrasekaran in a stark contrast bemoaned the micromanagement and suspicions that businesses have to face in India and called for a change in economic and business culture.

Speaking at a foundation ceremony in Gandhinagar, Tata had said: “Our Prime Minister, Home Minister and other members of the government have a vision for India. One can only be proud of what we have and support the government that is as visionary as this government has been.”

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Chandrasekaran showing a clash of opinions in Mumbai said that “India is fraught with micromanagement and suspicion…We need to reimagine our economic and business culture. Culture is most critical. Growth must not come from pushing hard but by removing obstacles. There is no point to tell people ‘drive fast, drive fast, drive fast’. It [growth] will come by removing obstacles.”

Chandrasekaran called for a ’transformative vision’ to ensure we move away from a “controlled vision of micromanagement”.  “We need supervision, we don’t need suspicion. And we have suspicion. All our rules start from suspicion,” the head of the $110-billion conglomerate said.

He also raised the matter of unemployment in the country and said we need to ensure jobs for the society at large.

Referring to the government’s $5 trillion GDP target by 2025, he said none of the milestones can be achieved without ensuring an educated, skilled and vibrant workforce. He added that soon 90 million people will be in working age in the new decade.

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