In A First, Diesel Crosses Rs 80-Mark In Delhi After 19th Consecutive Hike

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In A First, Diesel Crosses Rs 80-Mark In Delhi Aft
Crude oil prices may not increase in the international market, but the prices of petrol and diesel are on fire in the country.

After the hike for the 19th consecutive day, for the first time in the national capital Delhi, the price of one litre of diesel has crossed Rs 80, while petrol is at Rs 79.92 per litre.

On Thursday, oil companies hiked diesel by 14 paise and petrol by 16 paise and in the last 19 days, diesel has become expensive by Rs 10.62 and petrol by Rs 8.66.

After the revised rates, petrol costs Rs 86.70 per litre in Mumbai, Rs 83.18 in Chennai, Rs 82.91 in Patna, Rs 82.52 in Bengaluru, Rs 81.61 in Kolkata, Rs 80.79 in Noida, Rs 80.59 in Lucknow and Rs 79.92 in Delhi.

Except for Delhi, the price of diesel is below Rs 80 in the rest of the country. As per the new rates, diesel is being sold at Rs 80.02 in Delhi, Rs 78.34 in Mumbai, Rs 77.29 in Chennai, Rs 77.00 in Patna, Rs 76.09 in Bangalore, Rs 75.18 in Kolkata, Rs 72.13 in Noida and Rs 72.04 in Lucknow. .

Opposition parties have now opened a front against the fuel price hike.

After the Congress, now RJD took out a cycle rally in Patna and demanded the rollback of the increased prices. Party leaders Tejashwi Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav also participated in the rally.

At the same time, an FIR has been registered against more than 150 party workers including senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh for taking out a cycle rally in Bhopal on Wednesday.

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