Maharashtra: Upskill State's Youth To Reduce Dependency On Migrants, Say Businesses

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Maharashtra: Upskill State's Youth To Reduce Depen
Although the Maharashtra government has granted permission to re-open businesses and industries with 33% workforce, factories are closed without skilled workers and labourers.

Businesses in Pune ask when labourers and workers have migrated from cities, how can production be carried out?

Business-owners are now gearing up to provide skills development training to the state’s youth and to reduce dependence on migrant labourers.

There are 11,000 small and medium enterprises in Pimpri-Chinchwad, where around 5 lakh workers used to be employed. Among them, 3 lakh workers were from other states and 1.5 lakh were from Maharashtra.

Sandeep Belsare, President, Pimpri-Chinchwad Small Industries claims that around 2.5 lakh labourers and workers have returned to their villages due to the lockdown.

Among them, most people had been paid their salaries for the months of March and April.

Belsare said that he is preparing to speak to the state government, so that local youth can be connected to industries and businesses in the state, through which the dependence on migrant labourers can be reduced.

The Maharashtra government had given permission to businesses to re-start work with certain conditions from March 13 and 7,000 business owners are ready to start work but they do not have sufficient labourers and workers.

Nisar Sutar, Managing Director, Olive Group of Companies says that in his factory, 65-67% workers are from outside Maharashtra, among whom 50% have returned home.

Sutar said that business had fallen by up to 70% and it could take four-five months to regain momentum.

Sandeep Nilakh, Production Head, Quadrogen India Private Limited said that most migrant labourers were skilled workers, who have now gone away. Without them, it is not possible to maintain the quality of the products.

Another trader said that 25 people used to work in his company but 23 have now returned to their homes. How can I make do with the remaining two people, he wanted to know.

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