Fuel On Fire: Petrol, Diesel Prices Continue To Rise For Seventh Day Running

by GoNews Desk 2 years ago Views 1456

Prices of petrol and diesel continue to spike for the seventh consecutive day. Due to this continuous hike, the price of petrol in Delhi has increased to Rs 75.16 per litre, while diesel is being sold at Rs 73.39 per litre.

The prices continue to hike from June 6 when petrol in Delhi was sold at Rs 71.26 per litre and diesel at Rs 69.39 per litre. That is, the fuel prices grew by about Rs 4 in the last seven days.

Apart from Delhi, the price of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 77.05 per litre and the price of diesel is Rs 69.23 per litre. One litre of petrol in Chennai cost for Rs 78.99 and diesel at Rs 71.64.

Similarly, petrol in Mumbai is being sold at Rs 82.10 per litre and diesel at Rs 72.03 per litre.

In the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, people's pockets have dried up, work is at a standstill and millions of people have lost their jobs.

In such a situation, due to continuous spike in the fuel prices, the problem of the common man is bound to increase.

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