Two Foreigners In China Talk About Their Social Media Popularity

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Antoine Bunel-Fionn Wright
China and its technological evolution are one of a kind and its population’s obsession with social media is pretty well know. 

In this episode of Hey China!, Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs chat with two foreigners living in China on why the Chinese — from grandmas, grandpas to farmers — are so obsessed with apps and live streaming, the increased craving for cooking at home and Western recipes, and why Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) should have a message and moral values.

The common denominator between Antoine Bunel and Fionn Wright?

They’re both “laowai” KOLs and hugely popular on Chinese social media, getting zillions of views.

The first is a self-taught TV chef, media personality, and digital strategist who runs live cooking shows, while the other is a WeChat entrepreneur, a world schooling father, and an award-winning documentary producer.

  • Antoine: “The virus has brought us a hell lot of fans”
  • Fionn: “China is showing us what the future of the Internet will be”
  • Antoine: “I’m worried about the next generation of KOLs”
Watch the full video of Hey China here —

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