85% of Delhi University Students Oppose Online Exams: DUTA Survey

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85% of Delhi University Students Oppose Online Exa

Universities are closed across the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but preparations are being made for online classes and online exams for students. Due to the imposition of the online education system suddenly, the career of millions of students may be in danger. In a survey by the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA), it was found that the students studying in the university are against it.

51 thousand 452 students took part in the DUTA survey, including 92.2 percent undergraduate and 7.8 percent postgraduate course students. According to the survey, due to the lack of laptops, smartphones, and internet facilities required for online classes and exams, not all the students were able to attend the online classes and will not be able to give the online exams.

In the survey, 90.5 percent of students said that in the current situation, they do not consider themselves ready for the online examination.

85 percent of the students made it clear that they are not in favor of open book examination i.e online examination.

80.5 percent of the students have said that they are not able to study in the situation arising due to Coronavirus.

In this survey, 50 percent of the students said that they could not find the material online or are unable to use it. 38% of the students said that the teachers have sent the material online but despite this they are not able to use it.

33.7 percent of the students said that they could not attend online classes whereas 38.5 percent of the children could be part of only 50 percent online classes. Only 27.8 percent of the children attended more than 50 percent of the classes.

According to the survey, 6.7 percent of students do not have an internet connection. 10.9 percent have 2G speed and 25.6 percent have 3G speed internet. 10 percent have broadband service and 46 percent use 4G speed internet.

Similarly, 8.3% do not have a computer, laptop, or tab. Only 15.5% of the students have a laptop and use 74.1% of the smartphone.

55.4 percent of students have said that they do not have the notes of the classes conducted before the lockdown and they won’t be available now. Only 23.5 percent have notes from earlier classes.

Many teacher unions including DUTA are opposing the system of online examination. Teachers’ unions argue that half the population of the country is living on an income of Rs 3,800 per month, so it is not possible for everyone to afford expensive gadgets required for online education.

50% of the students in universities are from SC, ST, OBC categories whose economic background is a big constraint. In the system of online examination, a large part of this class will be left out.

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