Bihar Education Crisis: Lack Of Colleges, Universities In State

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Bihar education sytem
The poor state of education in Bihar is not hidden from anyone. Every year, lakhs of students are forced to leave Bihar only because the education infrastructure there is in bad shape. A look at the figures reveals the clear picture. For example, Bihar comes among top 5 states in the country in terms of primary schools (class I to V).

According to the data for 2017-18, there are 40,652 primary schools in Bihar. But as soon as you go higher, the education system in Bihar starts to collapse. In terms of secondary schools (Class V to X/XII), Bihar ranks at 10th spot. Also, the school dropout rate of children is still very high. Here in 2017-18, 32% of students dropped out in class IX-X.

But the main reason behind the migration of lakhs of students from Bihar every year is the lack of colleges and universities in the state. Rajasthan has the highest number of universities in the country, where 83 universities run colleges. Bihar is completely absent from the list of top 10 states in terms of higher education. Similarly, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of colleges in the country, where 7,078 colleges are for higher education. In this case too, Bihar is missing from the top 10 states, while the state's population is third in the country.

Similarly, Bihar has no name in the best higher educational institutions for medical in the country. For this reason, Bihari students are forced to go to Kota, Delhi and other cities because education has not been given any attention in the last 20-30 years. Simply put, the education system in Bihar should be a big electoral issue because Bihar’s future is paying the price of it.

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