Jamia’s Coaching Academy Increases Muslims’ Share In Coveted Civil Services

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Jamia’s Coaching Academy Increases Muslims’ Share
Out of 829 candidates who got success in the coveted Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for the 2019 batch, 44 candidates are Muslims.

Safna Nazarudeen, the daughter of a sub-inspector in Kerala, achieved 45th rank in her first attempt. She is the only candidate from the Muslim community who is among the top 100.

The population of Muslims in the country is around 15% but their share in government jobs is extremely low. The 2006 Sachar Committee report documenting the social, economic and educational conditions of Muslim society, states that only 3% of the total IAS officers in the country were Muslims that year.

Meanwhile, Muslims were 1.8% in the Indian Foreign Service and 4% in the Indian Police Service.

After the arrival of this report, several coaching centres came up to coach Muslim youth for UPSC. Residential Coaching Academy and Zakat Foundation of Jamia Milia Islamia are the chosen names among them. As a result, the share of Muslim youth in the UPSC results increased by 50%.

According to the data, 30 candidates in 2012, 34 in 2013, 38 in 2014 and 36 Muslim candidates in 2015 passed the UPSC exam, but the picture changed after that. In 2016, a record 50 Muslim candidates passed the UPSC exam, out of which 10 candidates were in the top 100. This was the first time since independence that such a large number of Muslim candidates won the UPSC. Interestingly, next year in 2017, 50 Muslim candidates got success in UPSC, while this year 44 candidates have passed the exam.

Statistics show that the success rate of Residential Coaching Academy of Jamia Millia Islamia is better than any coaching institute in the country. Jamia Milia Islamia is the same institution from where the movement was sparked last year in protest against the citizenship law. Then the Delhi Police had badly hit the students by storming the campus and the university property was also severely damaged.

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