Kerala Tops NITI Aayog's School Edu Quality Index, UP Worst Performer

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Niti Aayog's School Edu Quality Index
The NITI Aayog has released the School Education Quality Index for the country. The southern state of Kerala has topped the Index with a score of 76.63, among 20 large states. Rajasthan is placed second with a score of 72.86 and Karnataka came third with a score of 69.65. The worst performer was Uttar Pradesh with a score of 36.42.

Among small states, Manipur came first with a score of 68.76, while Arunachal Pradesh came last with a score of 26.64.

Chandigarh topped the list in centrally-administered states with a score of 82.9, while Delhi scored 48.96.

The School Education Quality Index also revealed that there has been a decline in admissions of school children at the primary level, which is a big worry. Among 20 large states, admissions at the primary level have fallen in 11 states. The biggest decline was seen in Jharkhand in 2015-16 and 2016-17, where the fall was recorded at 10.3 percentage points.

Schooling has registered a fall in 8 out of 20 biggest states. West Bengal did not participate in this survey.

This report has also revealed that in subjects like Mathematics, Std VIII in Punjab had the lowest average score, whereas the score was the highest in Rajasthan, with an average of 57. In Delhi, the score was at 32, which is only slightly better than 31-31 for Punjab and Puducherry.

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