Kids In Chhattisgarh Risk Their Lives To Get To School

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kids crossing the river
Children in Chhattisgarh’s Balrampur are putting their lives at risk by crossing a river to reach their school. Villagers are facing many difficulties since there is no bridge over the river. Kids are risking their lives for a better future but there is nobody to take cognizance of their woes.

These children, who are putting their lives at risk by crossing a river to reach their school, are from Sankargarh in Chhattisgarh’s Balrampur. During rains, the school kids have to cross this river to get to their school. Some parents carry the children on their shoulders to make them cross the river so that their kids can reach the school to study. 

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Villagers have complained several times but despite this, no one has tried to reach out to them. Villagers are forced to cross this river to find suitable ground to make their cattle graze. They also have to cross the river when someone is ill and has to go to nearby Jaarigim since there is no hospital in the village. The villagers say that it does not matter who is in power; they do not turn back to look once the voting is over.

Meanwhile, the District Magistrate says that soon the process of building a bridge over the river will begin. It remains to be seen when the bridge over the river between Jaarigim and Madho Longra will be ready after construction, and for how long will schoolchildren have to cross the river to reach their school in search of a better future. Because there is no one to listen to the woes of the villagers.

MLA Brihaspit Singh and MP Renuka Singh are the elected representatives of people from this region. 

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