NEET, JEE Exams Will Put Students' Lives At Risk, Opposition Seeks Postponement

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NEET, JEE Exams Will Put Students' Lives At Risk,
Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Education is adamant on conducting NEET and JEE examinations for admission to medical and engineering colleges on September 13 across the country, but many state governments have expressed strong opposition to it.

West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee once again appealed that the Ministry of Education to defer the entrance examination as it is the responsibility of the government to ensure a save environment for all students.

Opposition parties say that if millions of children reach the examination centres for NEET and JEE examinations, then their lives may be in danger and the infection can spread. Despite this, the Ministry of Education is going ahead with its plan to conduct exams citing students’ future. The exam dates were announced on Friday.

Among all this, the second biggest challenge is rain and flood. Several states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar are in the grip of floods. Lakhs of people have had to take shelter in relief camps and many lives have been claimed. Questions are arising that how children of far-flung areas will reach the examination centers in such a bad situation.

Statistics of the Ministry of Education show that in 2020, 15.94 lakh students have registered for appearing in NEET and JEE examinations. The number of registrations has increased by 4.87% in 2020 compared to 2019. According to the data, Maharashtra has maximum number of 2,28,829 students who have registered and the state government is in favor of postponing this exam.

The second number is Uttar Pradesh, where 1,54,705 students have registered. As many as 16 districts of the state are in grip of floods, rivers like Ghaghra and Saryu are in spate. The question arises that how students will reach the examination centres in such a bad environment.

On the other hand, Rajasthan has 1,38,140, Karnataka 1,19,626, Tamil Nadu 1,17,502, Kerala 1,16,010, Bihar 65,914, Delhi 59,006, Telangana 56,079 and 33,357 students of Jammu and Kashmir have registered for exams.

Of these 10 selected states, the flood crisis in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Kerala is not yet over, while the situation in Bihar has worsened where over 80 lakh are flood-affected. It is clear that the children of flood-affected homes will have to take a huge risk to reach the examination centres, putting their lives at risk.

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