Online Classes Causing Hindrance In Education: Study

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Online Classes Causing Hindrance In Education: Stu
Coronavirus has changed almost everything in the world. A major shift came when classrooms were reduced to the screens of mobiles and laptops and online education became a trend.

Now on the same online education, a study has been done by Azim Premji University among 1,522 parents and 398 teachers in 26 districts across five states — Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh.

The study, titled "Myths of Online Education", states that about 60% of children enrolled in government schools cannot access online education.

The study also found that the lack of access to smartphones did not allow children to attend online classes, depriving a large number of children of online classes.

Another worrying picture came to light in the study. It has been learned that children with disabilities have a lot of difficulty attending online classes. More than 90% of teachers who teach children with disabilities said they found them unable to participate in online classes.

About 70% of parents said they were dissatisfied with online classes and deemed them ineffective and are willing to send their children to school.

In connection with online learning, more than 80% teachers said they couldn’t maintain an emotional connect with children, while over 90% said no meaningful assessment of children’s learning was possible in online classes.

The study also mentioned that the students found it very difficult to complete the assignment during the online classes and identified the issue of one-way communication between teacher and student as to whether students were able to understand what they were being taught or not.

Teachers reported that out of 30,511 children who attended regular classes, only 11,474 were actually attending online classes.

The purpose of this study was to understand parents' attitudes and concerns about disruptive teaching due to the pandemic. This showed that the parents supported the reopening of schools with the necessary safety protocols.

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