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The most-watched video on YouTube in the year 2019 is ‘Despacito’, which is a Spanish song. It has been watched 6.58 billion times, which is almost close to the world’s population. 

Spanish singer Luis Fonsi and rapper Daddy Yankee had uploaded this song on YouTube on January 12, 2019. Music lovers around the world lapped it up from January to December and several of its remixes were also released across the world.

Till August, this song had earned Rs 184 crore on YouTube and till September, it had raked in Rs 235 crore on online platforms.

‘Despacito’ is a Spanish word which means ‘slowly’. Even though people may not understand its lyrics, but the singing style, location and music of the song attracts a lot. It has been a huge success with people around the world. 

Apart from this, the other most-watched videos on YouTube are also music videos. Earlier, Korea’s ‘Gangnam Style’ was at first position. It had been watched crores of times by people.

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