Disney Joins Race For Video-Streaming Services

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Across the world, video streaming services are fast increasing in number, with there being immense competition and the race to get as many subscribers as possible. 

Now, Disney has also entered this race.

Disney considers Netflix a danger to its plans, and so, it has decided not to show Netflix ads on any of its channels.

For people watching videos on OTT Platforms in America and Canada, soon there will be a new option. From next month, Disney is unveiling its streaming service ‘Disney+’, following which Disney has decided to ban Netflix ads on all of its entertainment channels except for ESPN.

Last year, the total advertising budget of Netflix was $1.8 billion, out of which Netflix spent $99.2 million on TV advertisements. From this, 13% was given to Disney’s entertainment channels.

Viewers can watch Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic content, along with the company’s own movies on ‘Disney+’.

You will have to pay a monthly amount of $6.99 for this service. Currently, Netflix subscription is available for $9 per month.

This move by Disney could prove to be a heavy blow for Netflix once ‘Disney+’ starts streaming, Netflix subscribers will not be able to watch shows like Marvel and Star Wars.

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