Viral: Surat Residents Do Garba Wearing Helmets

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Viral: Surat Residents Do Garba Wearing Helmets

Have you seen people doing the Garba wearing helmets? If not, watch this report. People in Gujarat’s Surat, which is famous for its Navratra festivities and Garba celebrations, are performing the Garba while wearing helmets. These pictures of people doing the Garba with helmets on are from Surat in Gujarat. Everyone is wearing helmets during the Garba dance. 

Along with Garba, there is a message too. A dance group in Surat has adopted this novel routine in order to raise awareness among people about the new Motor Vehicles Act 2019 and for its correct implementation.

Watch the viral video here --

However, since the Motor Vehicles Act 2019 was enforced, several state governments have relaxed the norms for fines, and the Gujarat government has reduced them a lot.

The fine on helmets has been reduced from Rs 1,000 to Rs 500. Driving a bike without a licence used to invite a fine of Rs 5,000, which has been reduced to Rs 2,000.

But residents of Surat still believe that fines are on one level and awareness on another because each year more than 2,50,000 people get killed in road accidents.


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