5 Bhutanese Nationals Held For Smuggling A Pangolin In West Bengal

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5 Bhutanese Held For Smuggling A Pangolin In West
Five smugglers have been arrested in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri for smuggling a pangolin -- a rare animal facing extinction -- in a joint operation by the Bengal Task Force and a team of the Forest Department.

All five people are said to be Bhutanese nationals. The pangolin was being taken from Bhutan to Bangladesh in a small carton.

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Sanjay Dutta, Ranger of Belakoba Range, said he received information about a pangolin being smuggled on Wednesday. After this, he formed a team and arrested the smugglers.

Pangolin is a wild animal of a rare species and it has a very quiet nature.

One pangolin is sold for crores of rupees in the international market, while in India, it costs over Rs 50 lakh.

The layered skin of pangolins is used in drugs, bulletproof jackets, decorative items etc. Apart from this, some superstitious people also use them in practising black magic.

The pangolin is on the verge of extinction not just in India but in other countries as well, and so, all kinds of efforts are being made to save it.

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