Australia Reels Under Worst Bushfires In Decades

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Australia Reels Under Worst Bushfires In Decades
It has been four months since bushfires began in Australia but they are showing no signs of ending. According to a survey by the Ecology Department of the University of Sydney, around 50 crore animals and birds have died from being singed in these fires.

Around 74,000 volunteers and 3,000 military personnel have been deployed to battle the fires.

Bushfires that began in the New South Wales (NSW) state in September are the biggest fires till date in Australia. The largest numbers of koalas are found in NSW’s north-central area, but their population has declined due to the fires.

Twenty-four people have died in these fires till now, while 2,000 homes have been destroyed and fires are still raging on 5 million hectare area.

Issuing a warning about the fire, NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has said that these bushfires have developed their own weather system at the northern shore near Nowra, which is very dangerous.

The temperature has reached 45 degrees in some places. According to the Met Office, Australia’s eastern region has been beset with droughts since 2017 and this year, day temperatures were recorded above normal in north-eastern NSW and south-eastern Queensland, due to which such a huge fire erupted.

From July till date, more than 70 lakh acre area has been burnt to the ground in NSW and 1,400 homes have been destroyed. In some places, the flames have reached 230 feet.

NSW RFS is the world’s largest fire service, in which 74,000 volunteers work and they are currently trying to douse the fires.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has deployed 3,000 military personnel to bring the fires under control. Helicopters are being pressed into service to safely rescue people stuck in areas where fires are raging.

These fires are twice the size of fires that broke out in the jungles of the Amazon in 2019 and six times the size of fires that erupted in the jungles of California in 2018.

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