Delhi-NCR: A Toxic Gas Chamber

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Delhi-NCR: A Toxic Gas Chamber
Residents of Delhi-NCR remain trapped in a haze of toxic air. The Met department has warned that this condition will prevail till Saturday after which the AQI may register a slight improvement.

On Friday, for the fifth consecutive day, the Air Quality Index (AQI) once again reached the 'hazardous' category in Delhi. AQI in most areas of Delhi-NCR was in ‘very poor’ category and remained above 500.

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Entire Delhi-NCR was covered in a blanket of smog. Also, the layer of mist and fog still remains deep.

In Delhi’s Lodhi Road area, in the morning, PM 2.5 was 475 and PM 10 was 410. In Delhi’s Chandni Chowk area, PM 2.5 and PM 10 was 482. Apart from this, near Delhi airport, PM 2.5 was 508 and PM 10 was 505. In Noida, PM 2.5 was 580 and PM 10 was 583.

In view of the growing pollution in Delhi, doctors are advising people to stop going out on morning walks and wear pollution masks before stepping out of their homes.

Meanwhile, if the met office is to be believed, then in the next few days, the effects of pollution in Delhi-NCR might reduce due to an increase in wind speed.

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