Exotic Wildlife Species Seized At Chennai Airport From Three Smugglers

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Exotic Wildlife Species Seized At Chennai Airport
Customs officials at Chennai International Airport arrested three smugglers for bringing in three dozen wild animals of rare species from Thailand’s Bangkok into India on Tuesday.

Officials of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) have identified these animals as monkeys of the Marmosets and Red-handed Tamarin species, reptiles of Iguana species, Tri-colour Squirrels and a special type of rodents, which are now nearly extinct.

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The officials had intelligence inputs about the smuggling of wild animals from Bangkok, due to which the entire department was on alert.

This racket was busted when on Tuesday, a passenger from Bangkok was taken into custody on the basis of suspicion and his bags were searched. In his baggage, hidden among four plastic boxes and chocolates was a small cardboard box. Wild animals were found hidden in other such boxes in his luggage in an effort to dupe customs officials.

Two more people were arrested on the basis of the statement given by this passenger.

It has now been recommended that all the wild animals should be sent back to their country of origin because the passenger who brought them for import into India did not have any NOC/license.