Monsoon Likely To Retreat From October 10, Most Predictions Fail

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Monsoon Likely To Retreat From October 10, Most Pr
This year, the monsoon had a delayed onset and continues to be active way past its usual deadline. While normally, the monsoon says goodbye in September, this time it is wreaking havoc on people even in the month of October.

The Meteorological Department had predicted that the monsoon will depart by September 30. But that did not happen and the forecast by the Met Department was proved to be wrong. Private weather agencies also proved ineffective on monsoon forecast.

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Late in arriving, the monsoon is late in its withdrawal too. This year, the monsoon was expected to reach Kerala on June 3. But the first monsoon rainfall was on June 14. However, even after this, it kept raining on and off. 

In July-August, the rainfall was average but the rains in September were enough to compensate at one go for the remaining days. After rains in June and July, the Met Office had predicted that this year, since the monsoon had a late-onset, it would not rain too much.

Despite the start of rains in July, there were drought-like conditions in many areas. In August and September, rains started wreaking havoc. And this year, September proved to be the most disastrous September for people, with rainfall breaking all records in several areas. 

Looking at this, weather forecast agency Skymet had predicted that the monsoon will depart by September 30. However, that did not happen and despite it being the first week of October, rainfall continues to be very active in many parts of the country.

It remains to be seen how much more damage this destructive monsoon will cause in the coming days. Experts believe that such heavy rains are a result of climate change, which is revealing its colours.

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