President Nod For Commission To Tackle Delhi-NCR Air Pollution

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President Nod For Commission To Tackle Delhi-NCR A
In view of the increasing air pollution in Delhi-NCR, now the ordinance issued by the Central Government has got the approval of the President. The ordinance has been approved in Delhi-NCR and adjoining states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP to form a commission to prevent air pollution, suggest measures and monitor it. This commission will have a chairman and 17 members who will be appointed by the central government. Also, representatives from Delhi, Haryana, UP, Punjab and Rajasthan will be involved.

This commission will work under the supervision of the central government. This commission will be headed by a government official of the rank of Secretary/Chief Secretary, and will include the Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and five other Secretary / Chief Secretary level officials.

After the formation, the commission will replace all other committees along with the EPCA, task force, and other court committees. There was often no coordination among the various committees and orders made about air pollution. Now only this commission will issue orders and instructions related to air pollution.

This commission will emphasise public participation and coordination. This Commission will continuously keep information about its work and report on the table of the Parliament. There will be three sub-committees in this commission, which will have sub-committee on surveillance and detection, security and enforcement and research and development. If the commission wants, it can also have members from the road ministries of urban development and urban development. This commission will have the power to make any order regarding pollution control related to Delhi-NCR and no other committee or authority will interfere with the order of the commission.

The term of the chairman of this commission will be for three years. If the president is found to be corrupt or misusing his office, the Central Government will also have the right to remove him. In this commission, the Secretary level officer of the Central Government will be the Coordinator. All the rules and regulations made by the Commission will be presented within 30 days or immediately inside the Parliament.

The Commission will have the authority to issue guidelines to end the pollution crisis, take suo-motu cognisance on the basis of complaints, stop power supply or take action against any institution or industry. This commission will have the powers to punish for 5 years and to impose a fine of up to Rs 1 crore. The Commission's orders can only be challenged in the NGT.

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