Temperature Touches 100 Degrees Fahrenheit In Siberia, One Of The Coldest Regions On Earth

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Temperature Reached 100 Degrees Fahrenheit In Sibe

The coldest region on Earth, the Arctic Circle, is breaking heat records. In the small town of Siberia, Verkhoyansk, the temperature recorded 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit i.e. 38 degrees Celsius on Saturday. Siberia is included in those areas of the world where the temperature is rising quite fast. Since the year 2019, the temperature has been recorded above average, but the concern of meteorologists has increased due to prolonged heat reaching record levels.

In the winter season, Verkhoyansk, which falls in the Arctic Circle, joins the coldest towns on earth. In 1892, the temperature here fell to -90 ° F, ie -67 ° C. Generally, the average temperature in the month of June in Verkhoysk town is around 20 ° C.

Greta Thunberg, a young environmentalist working on climate change, has also reacted to rising temperatures in Siberia. Thunberg said, ‘Verkhoyansk, north of the Arctic Circle in Siberia, recorded a temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius. Although scientists believe that 2019 was Russia's hottest year, but now rising temperatures may break all the old records.’

Experts believe that the reason for the rising temperature is the constant fire in Siberian forests. In the year 2019, due to the fire of Siberia's forests, there has been quite a change in the weather here.

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