Uttarakhand Woman Built Terrace Garden Out Of Household Waste

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Uttarakhand Woman Built Terrace Garden Out Of Hous
If you are getting bored confined inside your house during the lockdown, then this bit of news is for you.

You can make good use of your free time by using scrap lying in the home in gardening.

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Unused drainage pipes, empty bags of flour, oil cans, empty cold drink and water bottles and TV stands can be used to grow flowers.

This will be beneficial for the environment and apart from making good use of your time, you will also be able to put waste material to use.

In this lockdown, a woman in Haldwani has proven that this is possible by making a beautiful terrace garden out of waste material lying around her house.

She says that since stepping out of the house is not possible these days, she decided to work on her kitchen garden and flowers. Through this, she says, while flowers will add to the beauty of her home, she will also be able to enjoy some home-grown vegetables.

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