AIIMS Nurses Write To Dr. Harsh Vardhan Demanding Intervention As Strike Enters The Second Week

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AIIMS Nurses Write To Dr. Harsh Vardhan Demanding
The Nurses Union of Delhi AIIMS, which has turned into a coronavirus hotspot, is on strike since June 1. Now the oldest and largest organization of nurses across the country, The Trained Nurses Association of India has written a letter to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan demanding immediate intervention.

The association, which has a network of more than three lakh nurses, has written in a letter that all the meetings and interactions between AIIMS Nurses Union and AIIMS administration were inconclusive. Nurses say they are working for 12 hours, risking their lives, without any facilities.

After night duty, they are being pressurized to work in the day shift and they aren’t even getting time to rest. An appeal has been made in the letter that Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan should solve this problem immediately or else the nurses working in poor conditions will start falling sick soon.

Around 5000 women and male nurses work in AIIMS. Their biggest problem is wearing a PPE kit for six hours. AIIMS Nurses Union demands that working hours be reduced to four with PPE kits. Wearing PPE kit for six hours every day is quite tiresome and suffocating. 

Nurses going through their periods find it more difficult to wear PPE kits for longer hours. They have resorted to wearing mail diapers instead of sanitary pads as the pads can be replaced only when their duty is over. Due to this, manyt are suffering from infections, rashes, etc.

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