Billion Particles Of Microplastics Inside Your Tea Bag: Study

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1160 Crore Microplastics Inside Your Tea Bag
If you are fond of drinking tea made from tea bags, then you need to be a little careful. Recent research in Canada has found that on having one cup of tea made from a teabag, 1160 crore microplastics are going inside your body, which can be harmful.

Recent research in Canada’s McGill University has found that teabags leave millions of tiny particles made of plastic in your tea, which is injurious for the human body.

Come to think about it, since teabags are usually made of paper, how can they be harmful? Suffice it to say that in order to pack these bags, polypropylene, which is a type of plastic, is used. Not just in India, but in all corners of the world, several tea brands use teabags made of plastic. 

Actually, researchers wanted to find out how many microplastics do teabags leave in the tea when heated and for this, they bought tea packs made by various companies.

Teabags were heated up to 95 degrees Celsius in a special type of container. Thereafter, on observing under a special electronic microscope, 11.6 billion pieces of microplastic and around 300 crore nano plastic bits were found.

A WWF report has found that each year, an average person is swallowing pieces of plastic as small as 1 millimeter. That is, every week, 1,20,000 people are ingesting 1,00,700 plastic bits through water, 1,82,000 through shellfish, 11 via salt and 10 through beer. Microplastic enters the body through the air too.

Researchers still do not have clear information about the harmful effects of plastic entering the body over a long period of time.

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