Combat Coronavirus: Follow These WHO Tips To Keep Yourself & Family Safe Amid Pandemic

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Combat Coronavirus: Follow These WHO Tips To Keep
In times when the coronavirus spread is increasing day by day, affecting millions of lives all around the world, the World Health Organisation is trying it's best to inform the public about containing the spread. In an attempt to combat coronavirus, WHO released new posters and tips to make people aware of the precautions and safety measures to be taken in times of COVID-19. The posters mention the following points-

* If you show symptoms of COVID-19, self-isolate yourself, wear a mask around other and seek medical advice.

* If any member of the household shows symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical advice and follow your local health authority's guidance.

*  Follow the Golden Rule. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand-rub.

* Stay physically fit. Exercise regularly. Eat a nutritious diet. Don't smoke.

* Clean your home regularly, particularly frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, refrigerator handles, etc.

* Stay positive. Avoid alarmist news. Be connected to friends and family. Have a hobby.

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