Coronavirus: China Develops ‘Close Contact Detector’ App

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Coronavirus: China Rolls Out ‘Close Contact Detect
China has launched out a new “close contact detector” app that allows people to check whether they were at the risk of catching the novel coronavirus, now officially known as COVID-19.

Even though Chinese authorities claim a slowdown, the virus outbreak has claimed over 1,100 lives so far and infected over 40,000 people in the country.

India ranks 17th among the countries vulnerable of 'importing' the deadly virus, with New Delhi’s IGI airport being the most vulnerable, researchers from Germany’s Humboldt University and Robert Koch Institute have found in a study using a mathematical model.

The app lets the user know whether they have been near someone who has been confirmed or suspected of having the virus.

Using data collected by health and transport authorities, the app was developed by government departments and the state-owned China Electronics Technology Group, according to the state-run news agency Xinhua.

Users can sign in using WeChat, Alipay, or QQ or they can register with the help of their phone number and enter their name as well as ID number. In case, the app detects that the person has been infected(using health data) or was near someone who had the virus, they are advised to stay at home and get in touch with the local authorities.

“Close contact” covers a wide range of people, including those who live together, work together, or share a classroom as well as medical staff, family members, or other caregivers. Passengers travelling together are also considered in close contact if they were seated within three rows of someone who has contracted the virus.

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