Coronavirus Numbers Move Up In India And US As China Recovers

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Coronavirus Numbers Move Up In India & US As China
Cases of the novel coronavirus continue to rise globally as countries ramp up efforts to test more and more people.

The highly infectious virus has wreaked havoc across the globe and brought the whole world and important global events to a halt.

India which has gone into a 21-day lockdown saw its total cases rise at 5.47%, jumping from six cases on March 2 to 693 on March 26, at the time of writing. The country has authorised private labs to start COVID-19 tests in a bid to increase its testing rate. 

China, where the virus originated, has seen a meagre 0.05% increase in cases after weeks of lockdown and 3,287 deaths. Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus is soon going to ease lockdown even as major countries stay at home. China is currently reporting very few domestic cases, most of the new cases are said to be imported from other countries.

The United States which is now reeling under the pandemic and has declared a national emergency saw a jump of 0.41% on March 26(5 PM) with a total of 68,460 infections and 793 deaths.

In Europe, Germany saw its coronavirus numbers rise by 8.22% on March 26(5 PM) to 41,255 cases and 224 deaths while 3,133 patients successfully recovered from COVID-19.

In Iran, the deadly virus has claimed as many as 2,234 lives within a few weeks and the numbers continue to rise at 8.86%. At the time of writing, 29,406 Iranians had contracted the novel coronavirus.

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