COVID-19 Death Toll Puts India At Fifth Spot Globally

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COVID-19 Death Toll Puts India At Fifth Spot Globa
With close to 36,000 Coronavirus deaths, India has surpassed Italy to fifth place globally in terms of deaths from the virus. The total number of deaths in Italy is slightly more than 35,000.

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the country and its rate has become even more frightening.

Over the last 24 hours, 779 deaths were reported, with a record spike of over 55,000 cases across the country.

Statistics from Johns Hopkins University show that so far, US has registered more than 1.55 lakh deaths from coronavirus. Brazil is at number two with more than 91,000 deaths. Similarly, Britain is at third spot with more than 46,000 deaths and Mexico is fourth with 46,000 deaths.

The first case of coronavirus in the country was registered exactly six months ago on 30 January. Since then, the infection has spread throughout the country and its pace has increased wildly. At present, total cases stand at 16,38,871, of which 5,45,318 are active cases.

In the first two to three months, India was not even in the top 10 countries of worst-affected countries by COVID-19. During that time, apart from China, countries like Iran, Italy, Spain, South Korea were battling the pandemic. Gradually the virus spread to many countries of Europe and US became its epicentre.

However, due to restrictions imposed during this period, the infection was brought under control in most countries, but in India and Brazil, it became uncontrollable.

The country which was not in the global list of top 10 worst-hit nations in the initial months is now the third worst-affected country globally in terms of cases and fifth in terms of COVID-19 fatalities.

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