COVID-19: Imperial College London Begins Vaccine Human Trials

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COVID-19: Imperial College London Begins Vaccine H

Attempts to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 are speeding up in all parts of the world struggling with the Wuhan-originated virus. Now the renowned Imperial College, London has started a human trial of its vaccine. The Imperial College team, famous for public research, will conduct vaccine trials on 300 people in the next one week. This vaccine can be effective in strengthening humans' immunity.

Earlier, Imperial College was successful when it conducted trials on monkeys. In addition to Imperial College, Oxford University has also started a human trial of its vaccine.

The World Health Organization has issued a warning that soon there will be close to one crore corona patients all over the world. With the increasing number of patients, all eyes are now on the countries that are competing to develop a successful vaccine.

Currently, around 120 vaccines are in operation worldwide, of which 13 vaccines have reached the clinical trial phase. Among them, five vaccines are in the human trial phase in China. There are three in the US, two in the UK, one each in Russia, Australia, and Germany, in the clinical trial phase.

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