COVID-19: Records Tumble With Nearly 8,000 New Cases & 265 Deaths In 24 Hrs

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COVID-19: Records Tumble With Nearly 8,000 New Cas
India COVID-19 deaths have reached close to 5,000 after record 265 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, according to the Health Ministry’s latest bulletin.

For the second straight day, the coronavirus cases hit a new high with 7,964 cases, taking the nationwide total to 173,763.

Currently, India is at ninth place with 86,422 active cases and is just short of 10,000 cases than Germany. If the pace of infections continues to rise, India will leave both Germany and France behind and will become the seventh worst-affected nations globally and will be counted as the second most-affected nations after Italy.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, about 9,000 patients are in critical condition due to COVID-19.

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