No Pay For 3 Months, Doctors At A Delhi Hospital Threaten Mass Resignation

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Delhi: Not Being Paid For 3 Months, Kasturba Hospi
Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the health infrastructure in the national capital is collapsing. Meanwhile, doctors at Kasturba Gandhi Hospital are preparing to resign en masse after not being paid for three months.

Dr. Sunil Kumar, president of the Resident Doctors Association of Kasturba Gandhi Hospital, claims that the doctors have not received salary for the last three months.

"This is to Inform that Resident Doctors have not been salaries for last 3 month (March 2020). All the Residents are working in this pandemic COVID 19 situation continuously putting theirs and their families' lives in danger. Over that, we are not being paid Salaries making us unable to meet our house rent, huge travelling expenses and to buy essential Commodities," said a letter sent to the Additional Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.

As it is not right to go on strike in the present situation. Therefore, doctors have decided to resign collectively.

The association has warned that if the doctors are not paid by June 16, they will move for mass resignation. The hospital comes under the New Delhi Municipal Corporation and it is being said that the corporation has run out of funds to pay salaries.

Sunil Kumar shared a video of himself saying "People are remembering us as 'Corona warriors', clapping for us. It's a good thing that people respect us. But I want to ask "Do you want to honor us? We want our salaries. I want people to know about this. Doctors in Delhi are not getting salaries".

Due to non-payment of salary for three months, the doctors are facing difficulties in paying house rent, heavy travel expenses and buying essential items.

Doctors and staff working at a time of pandemic are constantly risking their lives along with their families. They have demanded immediate action from the concerned authorities and a solution to it in time.

Recently, a similar case was seen in Hindu Rao Hospital where doctors wrote a letter to PM Modi over not being paid the salary. This hospital also comes under NDMC.

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