Government Bans Manufacture & Sale of e-Cigarettes

by Darshit Singh 4 years ago Views 4258

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved an ordinance prohibiting the manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes in India.

According to the Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the production, manufacturing, import, export, transport, sale, distribution or advertisement of e-cigarettes is a cognizable offence. 

The decision was taken because a lot of young people think 'it's cool' to vape and the young population is choosing it over tobacco without knowing the implications, said the Finance Minister.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman played a video highlighting the harmful effects of e-cigarettes.

According to government data, more than 460 e-cigarette brands are available in India, with various configurations of nicotine delivery and in over 7,700 flavours.

E-cigarettes had initially emerged as a safer alternative to traditional smoking after activists world-over raised questions over the addictive nature and health-related risks involved in smoking tobacco.

E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco but use a heating element to vaporize liquid nicotine, which the user inhales. These are not licensed in India and are often marketed as products to help smokers quit, and harmless than cigarettes.

Since e-cigarettes are a new commodity as compared to tobacco, a lot less research has been done on their use and its effect on the human body. But the initial findings reveal vaping has many side-effects that are currently unknown and cannot be deemed as a safe alternative to tobacco.

Shares of cigarette makers, which were already up today, spiked after the news came out. Shares of ITC rose 1.8%, Godfrey Phillips India soared 7.8%, VST Industries were up 1% and Golden Tobacco 4.5%.

On Tuesday, New York became the first state in the United States to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, a move that came after federal health officials investigate a mysterious surge of severe breathing illnesses linked to vaping.

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