Global Worries As COVID-19 Cases Spike In BRICS Nations

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Global Worries As COVID-19 Cases Spike In BRICS Na
The coronavirus pandemic seems to be abating in Britain, the United States and several European countries. The number of cases of infections has declined and deaths have also reduced in these countries. Several European nations have even declared themselves coronavirus-free.

On the other hand, this pandemic is spreading rapidly in developing countries.

The members of BRICS (which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), the largest organisation of developing nations, have left behind those countries where the coronavirus contagion had spread like fire. 

The highest number of coronavirus cases after the United States have been registered in Russia, a BRICS-member country. The number of patients here has crossed 3,08,000.

In the last 24 hours, 8,500 new coronavirus cases have come to light in Russia. This month, over 10,000 patients were found regularly for a week in Russia.

In Brazil, another BRICS member country, more than 21,000 cases were found in a day. Over here, 2,94,000 people have been hit by the coronavirus contagion.

A similar situation prevails in India, where the infection is nearing 1,10,000. Initially, very few cases had come to light in India but now, the contagion is spreading swiftly here and over 5,600 cases have been reported within the last 24 hours.

The very first coronavirus cases had been reported in China but only around 82,000 people have been infected by this virus here. Over here, the number of active patients is just 84 now. However, new cases keep coming to light in China from time to time.

With over 18,000 cases of the contagion, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in South Africa as well. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has expressed the apprehension that the pandemic could acquire a frightening form in South Africa and Cameroon.

If the percentage of infection in all these countries is calculated, it comes to 16%. The health infrastructure in developing countries is decrepit. 

A majority of cases in these five countries have come to light in the month of April.

It is believed that there could be an explosion of new cases of the contagion if the lockdown is lifted and economic activities are re-started.

On the other hand, there has been upto 40% decline in the number of new cases of the contagion in developed countries in the month of April.

The WHO has expressed qualms that if conditions do not improve, the coronavirus could hit over 4 crore people and around 2,00,000 deaths could take place in 12 months.

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