Pandemic Fallout: UN Warns Of Global Famines Of 'Biblical Proportions’ In 2021

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Pandemic Fallout: UN Warns Of Global Famines Of 'B
The second wave of coronavirus infection has hit several countries, so far more than 57.9 million people have been infected worldwide, while in India the figure has crossed 9 million. From developing countries to developed nations, economic activities came to a complete halt as they entered into the lockdown to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the United Nations has warned that as a consequence of the pandemic, devastating famines may spread in 2021 across the world.

The agency said, if immediate action wasn’t taken, its consequences will be terrible worldwide.

David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations body World Food Program, has warned in April that the world is on the brink of a hunger pandemic due to the pandemic but said without billions of dollars, it could lead to multiple famines of biblical proportions in 2021.

However, David Beasley also said that some countries have managed to overcome this pandemic by providing relief packages, but in 2021, this crisis will increase rapidly.

Earlier many times at the onset of the pandemic, it was warned that as the world was dealing with the pandemic, hunger is going to become a pandemic. Effective steps must be taken quickly to prevent this.

The Coronavirus pandemic has broken the economies of countries. Due to the outbreak, funds deposited in the funds were exhausted. Due to which economies have also seen a decline. People have lost their jobs while small businesses have been decimated. Some countries are under lockdown again or will be in the future. It is clear that if people do not have work, then they will have to face a lot of trouble. The third wave of Coronavirus has started in many states, including the country's capital Delhi.

In view of this, the Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra governments have imposed a night curfew in many districts.

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