Safdarjung Doctors On Indefinite Strike Over Attack On Colleagues

by Ritu Versha 4 years ago Views 3267

Doctors Strike
About 1,600 resident doctors of Safdarjung hospital went on a strike after two of their colleagues were brutally thrashed by the attendants of a patient.

The 40-year-old man, suffering from chronic liver disease, hypertension, and other serious complications, had died during treatment.

Demanding security at their workplace, doctors have also withdrawn themselves from the hospital's emergency services, which has led to a lot of inconveniences to the patients.

The two doctors, from the medicine department, were on duty when the incident took place around 1.30 pm.

“Immediately after the incident we went on strike. However, we will resume work on Friday as the hospital authority has promised to consider our request. We are demanding ‘one bed one patient’ system or else it is difficult to offer proper care to patients,” said Dr Prakash Thakur, RDA President, Safdarjung Hospital.

Thakur said a group of 10 people attacked the two doctors. The victims sustained injuries on their face, head, back, abdomen and limbs. “To this horrendous and heinous attack, threatening the safety and security of resident doctors, the RDA calls for an indefinite strike, including emergency services with effect from Thursday evening,” he added.

In June, over 100 doctors working at state-run hospitals in West Bengal resigned, amid country-wide protests against the assault on two interns at the NRS Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata.

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