Trump’s Reluctance In Conceding Biden’s Win An Obstacle To COVID-19 Aid; Biden Says ‘Coordination Needed’

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 Trump’s Reluctance In Conceding Biden’s Win An Ob
Donald Trump’s reluctance in conceding President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential elections is having a bad effect in controlling the Coronavirus pandemic.

The US is the world's most COVID-19 affected country, but the Trump administration is holding up the transition process, due to which Biden and his team are not able to access intelligence briefings on national security and planning on the possible distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

At a press conference in his home state of Delaware, Joe Biden assured the public that he would relieve people from the Coronavirus infection as soon as he would take over the office. He said that immediate coordination is necessary to prevent the coronavirus. "If we have to wait until January 20 to start that planning, it puts us behind over a month and a half,” Biden said.

US has so far reported 2,62,696 deaths due to COVID-19 while 12,588,661 cases, of these 74,52,540 have recovered. Currently, active cases stand at 48,73,425.

Meanwhile, in a relief to the new government, the US COVID-19 vaccine task head, Monsef Saloi, said in an interview that vaccination may start in the US from December 11-12. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will hold a key meet with Pfizer and Modern between December 8-10, and it is believed that on this day this agency will approve the vaccine. So far, more than 50.89 million people have been infected worldwide.

Of these, 40.7 million people have been discharged, while 13.93 lakh have died. At present, there are 1.68 million active cases undergoing treatment.

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