Wearing Gloves Increases Coronavirus Infection Risk, Says Expert

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Wearing Gloves Increases Coronavirus Infection Ris
Several measures are being taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic but among these, some measures could prove to be lethal. One of them is wearing gloves.

If experts are to be believed, gloves are not very effective in stopping coronavirus. On the contrary, the risk of the spread of the virus increases due to negligence related to gloves.

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Dr Emily Landon is a famous epidemiologist at Chicago University. She is considered an expert in epidemics and infectious diseases. According to her, it is better to wash hands repeatedly than to wear gloves.

Dr Landon said that the risk of infection reduces sharply by washing hands, and this is not possible on wearing gloves. She added that people do not pay attention to the cleanliness of their hands because they are wearing gloves. 

According to Dr Landon, gloves prove effective only when they are used properly. She said that whenever an infected object is touched with gloves in hospitals, the risk of hands becoming infected due to the gloves increases by 10-15%.

Dr Landon also believes that on being carefree because they are wearing gloves, many people touch their faces and mouth habitually. Due to this, if the virus is in your gloves, the risk of it entering your body increases, she added.

Dr Amesh Adalja of the US’ Johns Hopkins University also believes that through gloves, the risk of infection increases instead of reducing.

He said that smartphones cannot be operated while wearing gloves. The infection could spread by wearing just one pair of gloves and removing them repeatedly to operate a smartphone, he added.

Dr Adalja also believes that many people touch their mouths and faces due to itching, to adjust their spectacles and for several other reasons. So, if your gloves are infected, it is a given that you will also get infected, he added.

Several experts state clearly that if you are not a health worker or a chef with cuts or injuries on your hands, then you should not wear gloves.

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