12 Dead In Earthquake On Turkey-Iran Border

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12 Dead In Earthquake On Turkey-Iran Border
While 12 people, including three children, died in a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on the Turkey-Iran border on Sunday, 37 people were injured. The condition of eight of the injured people continues to be serious. Also, 1,066 buildings have been damaged in the earthquake.

Turkish Home Minister Suleyman Soylu said that several citizens, including three children, have died due to the earthquake in the neighbouring country and the Health Minister said that several people have been injured because of the earthquake.

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The epicentre of the quake was five kilometres below the earth’s surface on the Turkey-Iran border.

According to sources, 43 villages have been affected due to the quake, where buildings have suffered the worst damage. Teams engaged in relief and rescue are working to save the injured.

While 40 people had died in the earthquake that hit Turkey last month, 620 people had died in a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Iran’s western province of Kermanshah in 2017.

Iran and Turkey are among the countries most affected by earthquakes around the world and local people here have suffered a major loss of life and property due to earthquakes.

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