2,750 Tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate Led To Massive Beirut Explosion: Lebanon PM

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2,750 Tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate Led To Massive Be

The Lebanese capital, Beirut, went up in flames after two massive blasts. So far 100 people have been killed, while more than four thousand people have been injured. Lebanon PM Hassan Diab said that the colossal blast was due to 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse at Beirut Port. PM Hasan Diab has warned that those responsible for the blast will not be spared.

The blast was so powerful that its echo was purportedly heard nearly 240 kilometers away to Cyprus. In the capital Beirut, the windows of hundreds of houses were shattered and a large number of people were injured by flying glass. According to eyewitnesses, pieces of glass and debris are scattered everywhere. People are still being evacuated from the debris.

The initial reports stated that the explosives have been kept at a nearby warehouse of Beirut Port since 2014. Israel has denied its role in the attack. The role of Hezbollah, an active Shia organization in Lebanon, is also being investigated.

Lebanon has been grappling with a variety of problems for decades. From 1975 to 1990, the country kept burning in the fire of civil war. For some years, the economic crisis is at its peak and thousands of people are protesting against the government on the streets. The coronavirus has not yet wreaked havoc here, but due to it, its already stifling economy has choked. Amidst all this, two powerful explosions have brought this country to its knees.

Heads of many countries of the world have shown solidarity with Lebanon. PM Modi has also issued a statement saying that he is sad and shocked by the blast in Beirut city. He expressed condolences to the families and the injured.

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