Australia 'Mega Blaze' Rages On, New Heat Record Set

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Australia 'Mega Blaze' Rages On, New Heat Record S
Australia set a new heat record with an average temperature hitting 50 degrees Celsius. A “mega blaze” 60 km north-west of Sydney is raging on.

Blazes across New South Wales and Queensland have scorched almost 7 million acres in Australia. Emergency warnings remain in place in the Adelaide Hills, on Kangaroo Island, and on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

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On Friday night, another emergency warning was in place for a fire near Mount Mercer outside Melbourne and authorities warned residents of Cainbable to take precautions against a bushfire burning there.

One person has died in a car crash near Lameroo and two volunteer firefighters died in the bushfire zone. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted he showed poor judgment in trying to sneak off on holiday in the midst of catastrophic bushfires.

The heat and bushfires prompted protests for more government action against global warming in Australia. Australia's fires have already emitted an estimated 250 million tons of carbon dioxide. That’s equal to nearly half of Australia’s total yearly emissions.

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