COVID-19 Global Roundup: Countries Under Restrictions & Relaxations

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COVID-19 Global Roundup: Countries Under Restricti
The human civilisation is dealing with the lockdown restrictions for the first time in its modern epoch. Along with the mounting challenges of the coronavirus, the duration of this lockdown is also increasing and people are at the tip of their patience.

While several countries have announced all kinds of relaxations in the lockdown, protests are taking place in other countries asking the government to ease restrictions.

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The first case of the coronavirus had been reported in China’s Wuhan city in mid-December 2019. The Chinese government announced a lockdown here on January 23, which was extended for two months and two weeks.

Amid this, within a few days, several European countries, Britain and the United States also imposed lockdowns.

India is currently experiencing the world’s biggest lockdown, which has been extended thrice and people are stuck inside their homes for the past 40 days.

Some concessions have undoubtedly been granted in Lockdown 3.0 but a majority of the citizens in a country with a population of 138 crore has been asked to stay inside their homes for the next two weeks. 

Concessions in lockdowns are being given in countries where the coronavirus cases are declining and life seems to be getting back on track.

South Korea has set a precedent in front of the world in dealing with the coronavirus. After China, South Korea had the largest number of cases of the contagion but now life is fast returning to normal here.

Baseball players have reached stadia and football and golf players will also take up their respective sports soon.

The United States is the new epicentre of the coronavirus, where the highest number of deaths (69,000) has taken place.

New York City is also withstanding several restrictions and the famous Broadway theatres here have been shut since March 12.

There is apprehension that due to the economic crisis, several Broadway theatres may not re-open now.

After the US, the most number of deaths (29,000) took place in Italy but concessions in the lockdown are being granted here after nearly nine weeks. 

Shopowners staged a protest in Italy’s Venice and demanded that business activities be started.

Thailand is among those select nations which managed to save themselves from the coronavirus onslaught.

Over here, 2,988 cases of the infection have come to light and 54 people have died so far. 

The Thai government has given concessions to start some trading activities and restaurants have opened in Bangkok.

Along with restaurants, salons have also been opened in Thailand. However, thermal screening of all visitors is being conducted and special attention is being paid to social distancing. 

In Hong Kong, not a single case has been reported in the past two weeks. Here, the government has given concessions in restrictions but the famous Ocean Park has not been opened for the common people yet.

At the Ocean Park, penguins are the major attraction for visitors and special vigilance was maintained to protect them during the coronavirus epidemic.

In Yemen, which has been ravaged by wars for years, health services and their infrastructure has been decimated. Lakhs of people in this country are homeless and children are on the brink of starvation.

The coronavirus has spread in this country too and 12 cases have been reported so far. Roads, bylanes and neighbourhoods are being sanitised here.

The United Nations has warned that due to this pandemic, Yemen could find itself dealing with the biggest humanitarian crisis till date.

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