COVID-19: UAE, Bahrain Among The World’s First Countries To Test More Than 50% Population

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COVID-19: UAE, Bahrain Among The World’s First Cou

The Gulf countries, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have tested half of their population for the novel coronavirus. Both countries are first, with a population of more than 1 million, to conduct COVID testing for more than half of their population.

UAE’s population is around one crore and testing of 52.7% population has been done so far. According to Johns Hopkins University, over 52 lakh 62 thousand people have been screened. The UAE is among those countries where more than 5 lakh 31 thousand people are being investigated per 10 lakh population. The UAE is the seventh country in the world to conduct test on such a massive scale.

The World Health Organization believes that to prevent COVID-19, more and more testing is necessary, the effect of which is clearly visible in the UAE. There are only 5,868 active cases left while only 353 people have died. The total number of infected patients here is more than 61,000.

On the other hand, Bahrain has a total population of 17 lakh, out of which more than 8 lakh 97 thousand people have been tested. 5,08,369 people have been tested here per 10 lakh population and it is the fifth country in the world to conduct testing in such a big scale.

According to a study, the COVID-19 recovery rate in Gulf countries is much higher than the global average. In Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman, an average of 75% of patients have been cured, while the global recovery rate is 57%. The UAE government has given police officers such modern helmets that they can record the temperature of hundreds of people every minute. Such moves have radically helped a lot in preventing the spread of the disease.

Countries with smaller populations, such as Monaco, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands, were able to test half of their citizens before the UAE and Bahrain. In big countries where the population is in crores, the pace of testing is still very slow. So far, 24.9% of the total population in the UK, 18.6% in the US, 27.7% in Denmark and 25.2% in Singapore have been tested for coronavirus.

On the other hand, talking about corona testing on a population of 1 million, then 1,000 in Egypt, 2,000 in Afghanistan, 5,500 in Indonesia, 7,000 in Bangladesh, 8,000 in Mexico, 9,000 in Pakistan, 14,000 in Ecuador, 15,000 in Bolivia and 16,000 in India have been tested.

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